Entering the Future - re-developing SRBC

See how we're looking to shape our building to serve our ministry and mission for the next generation

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We've had a building on Stanley Road for just over a century. The original building has long gone, but the church building put up in 1935 still survives. We completed a major maintenance programme on it earlier in 2017. The next step is to re-develop the centre of our site in order to transform how we use our space for ministry and mission. We want to build a new entrance, replacing the defunct boiler house. This would give us much better accessibility for those in wheelchairs or with prams. It will enable us to open up our kitchen, to serve into a welcoming foyer area. There will be a new side entrance into the church space and access into the hall that is less disruptive. We've been talking about these ideas for a long time, but progress is definitely being made. Church members have already pledged and given significantly towards the projected cost and we were granted planning permission in March 2018. Now we are moving onto the tender process with builders, and also looking into external grants to help us make the plans a reality.

If you want to keep in touch with the progress of the project, why not Contact us and we'll add you to our mailing list.

***We've launched a fundraising push to add £15,000 to our current total of £125,000. Find out more about how to give securely at give.net/srbc ***


We would appreciate prayers for us as a church. Here are some suggestions:

* Pray for wisdom from God in our decision-making about how to proceed.

* Pray for finance to come for the project through fund-raising and grant applications.

* Pray that the church will continue to be a beacon of light in our community as it has for 100 years.

Thank you.


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