Here are details of our upcoming Sunday services at Stanley Road Baptist Church.

Sunday, May 19, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 7:53-8:11: Howard Townshend (including Communion) 

Sunday, May 26, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 8:12-30: Steven Hewitt

Sunday, June 2, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 8:31-59: Mark Johnstone (Pastor of Heysham Free Methodist Church)

Sunday, June 9, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 9:1-12: Steven Hewitt

Sunday, June 16, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 9:13-41: Mark Young (including Communion)

Sunday, June 23, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 10-1-21

Sunday, June 30, 10.30am
Vision 20:21 - John 10:22-42

Sunday, July 7, 10.30am
SPACE prize-giving

All services are filmed. DVDs are available at the sound desk. Activities for primary school children in SPACE on regular Sundays. Children at high school go to SPACE on selected Sundays: check with SPACE leaders.

Worshipping together: A reminder that to help us worship together, we have large-print Bibles available. Several cushions are available, if you find the chairs uncomfortable.