Christmas 2020

Social distancing. A year ago, we had no idea what it was. Now it is a huge part of our lives! Since Covid-19 arrived, we're always thinking 'am I too close, where's the tape measure?' We want to be close to those we love, but are warned that it's best to keep a distance. It is hard for us all.

Can we find hope now Christmas is coming? The recent vaccine news has got people excited and it is good news. But whatever our situation, the truth of Christmas always offers hope.

As we remember Jesus born in a stable in Bethlehem, we are reminded that God is not 'socially distant' from us. The gap between God and us was more than two metres. Time and again we choose our own way instead of His.

But God has drawn near to us and we can draw near to Him. We just need to trust that by sending His son, God has bridged the gap.

May you find that to be true this Christmas.

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Our main service will be our Carols and this will go live at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

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'tis the season to sing