We are a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, now known as Baptists Together. This is our denomination with its main office in Didcot.

We support NISCU, an organisation that promotes Christianity in our local schools, through paid workers and by supporting volunteers.

Our church is part of the North Western Baptist Association, which is a grouping of Baptists churches in our area. Through the NWBA, we play a part in Baptist life, through training, conferences and decision-making.

BMS World Mission is our denomination's mission agency, making a difference across the world. Their work focuses on six areas of ministry: church, education, development, justice, health and leadership. We support BMS out of the giving of our church congregation.

Other organisations that we support financially include Lancaster, Morecambe and District Churches Debt Centre, and, in the past, Olive Tree Ministries, International Aid Trust and Open Doors.

We are also active members of the Morecambe Churches Forum.